Songs about Izzy

These are raps I wrote about Izzy. They are unedited.

Studio Sessions I: Off of Fenway

Right sittin here in this chill coffee bar
Grinds in my espresso, they bring me back afar
to the drops and all the hops to Kandahar,
sweepin into combat just to power our cars.

Run the line low now
and run the line tight now,
suck the ground dry now,
run through the night now.
Met you in late summer with the 31st
in a bar off Fenway where we sate our thirst

for adventure but you walked like Lydia Hearst,
old-world glamour Jackie glasses Fendi purse.
Clearly you ain’t here, girl, to be watchin the Sox,
sittin with your girls and sippin Goose on rocks.

No, you here to be seen,
struttin like the bee queen,
guys are buying rounds for you
just to watch you be mean.
My boys and I, we look at you like what you got?
Take the challenge up, ignore that you’re hot…

XII: The Roof

Echoes through the stratospheric
(echoes say we approaching near it)
space about the meteoric
(climbing gritting interfering)
rise of this polyphonic
(dingo underneath is fawning)
beat with essence of you on it
(desert full of Brits that conned it)
Washes with your visage,
(see your shoulders covered in sand)
running low on the ménage,
(breathe the dry heat of Sydney land)
yet fresher sight I could sure not envisage.
(big shades on your brights bouncing along with my fly jams)

Taking down cars and taking on troops,
(this beat is more us)
ripping through time jumping through mad hoops.
(bit of calm for explorers)
Wonder how this can last,
(time has stopped its core fuss)
this night gone in a flash,
(and there is no more gusts)
sail you away with Babou’s flag flying at the mast.
(jumping through time like it’s shaped as a torus)

Days and years and down with all these fears,
(Babou is feeling it—Babou is killing it)
forget the jeers and shed none of those tears,
(Babou got his dreams and he resort to stealing it)
our stop is near, upside down we veer,
(Jay is here dealing it—sense that we nearing it)
melt the past into future, leave just a now and here.
(tell me how fly it is that we be just reeling it)

We flying dangerous close to these power lines,
(in and just taking)
and we up here tempting fate in daredevil time,
(we ain’t here waiting)
quicken the clip so we don’t fall behind,
(see what sparkles don’t wait too late and)
following the sun who has been so kind.
(forget it with the waiting)

Near the flat clearing we run out of gas,
splitting the city and we thinking real fast,
I back the plane up for a two pitch dash,
you looking at me like I finally met my match.
We could crash in the ocean, shoulda taken the boat and
shoulda and coulda and woulda been coasting.
Instead we take the plane,
which was cracked and lame,
getting away from Lesotho and those armies insane.

Vector like Hector now running on fumes,
I bring her downward toward rectangular doom,
Top of a warehouse, overreach like Doc Faust,
I land the front wheel and we take a hard bounce.

Boom and snap and crash and a slip,
pull on the brakes with my hand around your hip;
nose of the plane curving in a long dip,
twisting the rubber until it burn and rip.

On to the problem of getting out fast,
tenuous balance will not long last.
This part is easy—we done it before,
I take your hand and I kick out the door,
dash out the hole and scramble outside,
plane fall down just over the divide.
Crash into cars and cause a commotion,
clear our view direct to the ocean.
Stiff breeze blows, sun’s smile shows,
look at you girl like you made of gold.

Hair in the wind, lips slightly part,
hand on your hip while you smile a lil snark.
On top of here, girl, you look so fine,
smirk all attitude and legs all line.
Look at me and for a moment I see it,
you about to tell me that you really need it.
Give me your hand and you wink your eye,
“Where to next? I want a surprise.”

XI: The Diamonds

Never been on one of these before,
ocean salt wind flowing into your core,
put some goggles over your bright eyes,
clip you into the glider by my side.

I got this one for eluding radar,
keeping real stealth like Darth Vader,
frame is grey and smooth and matte,
slicing through wind with elan of a cat.

We passing over a hill now far down south,
point out the placid beaches of Kei Mouth,
tell you we’re going just over that hill
to Lesotho where we’ll find a thrill.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend you know
and they have them over the border in droves;
pick you one from the ground for show,
suddenly we running from the border patrol.

They watched us land doing their exercising,
you next to me doing Crossfit proselytising,
tell me you killed Fran in under 2:30,
wearing booty shorts, flipping your hair all flirty.

You walk the walk, girl, and you talk the big talk,
I like that you got a lil bit of jock
in you and you got a lil bit of rock
and roll in you and you got a lil bit of mock
serious too.

But boom! There go our feet into the wet ground
and immediately we hear the bark of hounds.
Entire army thinks we here to rob them,
coming at us with nobody to stop them.

Looks like we doing that James Bond escape,
running around the jungle, run for the cape,
try to cross the jungle to South Africa fast
or the diamond that I picked will be my last.

I toss it to you as you hit your stride,
tell you put it in your bra and try to hide.
For the first time this journey I’ll play red herring,
tell you to go on and give you a bearing.

Sometimes as a man you gotta stay and take your stand,
cuz all of this running without a plan
leaves us with just one last border to cross,
that jewel tucked in your bosom all polished and glossed.

I turn around and create a huge diversion,
throwing flash bangs till their eyes see inversion,
make them fire blindly, make it unkindly,
make them feel the creeps of a Predator behind me.

I make my move just to stun those troops,
tossing smoke bombs and rotten fruits,
gotta scare em with the smell of monkey poop,
make them run around in a silly loop.

Meanwhile you got safely across the border,
dudes over there see the mad disorder,
coming over here to fire their guns,
leaving wide window for me to make a run.

While everyone’s distracted I bolt after you,
cutting through tall grass like cheetahs do,
burst from the forest floor and see the rendezvous spot.
We’re sprinting for it now with that massive rock…

X: The Scandal

15:45:38  : Finally got a few short moments for peace.
15:45:51  : Clear goes quiet and the bird chirps cease.
15:45:59  : Open the basket and bring out the forks,
15:46:06  : Red and white pattern and pop the cork.
15:46:20  : Bottle of bubbly and you startin to smile,
15:46:27  : Pour you a glass and we talk for a while.
15:46:38  : Tell me bout your mother, what she like to do.
15:46:48  : Ask you about your goals, ask you about you.
15:46:57  : Pie is crumbly and full of spice,
15:47:16  : Lil bits of apple and smells real nice,
15:47:25  : Gotta little squirrel askin for a lil bit.
15:47:37  : Even Babou wanna take a lick.
15:47:55  : Petting my ocelot and listen to you talk a lot,
15:48:10  : Breeze is blowin a lot, Jay does pop and lock.
15:48:16  : All is good—it’s like the Elysian Fields.
15:48:33  : The clouds across the sky all puffs on teal.
15:50:44  : I close my eyes and we lay down flat,
15:50:54  : Looking at the sky on that cashmere mat.
15:51:05  : Peace and calm and my breath slows,
15:51:18  : Long day of adventure might this way close.
15:51:30  : Then we hear ruffle and the shake of a tree.
15:51:44  : Little fur ball crawl on top of me.
15:51:53  : Feel so soft like a cotton ball,
15:52:13  : Piercing ocelot’s growling mating call.
15:52:21  : Then I realise what has happened.
15:52:42  : Pull out the map and do some mapping.
15:52:51  : Looks like last time we stayed here a while,
15:53:01  : Babou fell for this one’s feminine wiles.
15:53:15  : One and two and three and seven,
15:53:24  : The baby ocelots tumble straight out of heaven,
15:54:18  : Small and furry and helpless and straight outta a movie,
15:54:27  : Babou is lookin on and chillin so groovy.
15:54:46  : The lady cat ain’t look happy though,
15:55:00  : Because sure enough yet another female shows.
15:55:10  : She, too, has a litter of five,
15:55:20  : Looking at Babou like he lucky to be alive.
15:55:35  : Babou feelin cool, he like Antonio Cromartie,
15:55:45  : Siring so many cubs he feels so hearty.
15:55:58  : These other cats be owed his child support though,
15:56:09  : They be joinin forces and come after him yo.
15:56:25  : Two angry ocelots are not too good,
15:56:32  : But wasn’t till then that I understood.
15:56:46  : The entire neighborhood was full of his kids!
15:57:27  : Crawling all over were all the cats he hit.
15:57:38  : He gave me a look like, “I can’t help it,”
15:58:20  : Scratched at me, nervous and I know he felt it.
15:58:27  : Dagger eyes of all his jilted lovers,
15:58:38  : Tried to use your blue sundress as a cover.
15:58:53  : Just when I thought we had a moment of peace,
15:59:36  : At that moment Babou lets out a release.
15:59:52  : Finally pushes all his baby mamas over the edge,
16:00:17  : We have to make a run (again) for the cliff’s ledge.
16:00:26  : This time I’m ready though, I got this one planned.
16:00:48  : I tell you hold on and take your hand,
16:01:01  : Lock it on the rudder and give a push off,
16:01:24  : Electric glider has us very quickly aloft.
16:02:19  : Lookin around back, Jay is takin off again
16:02:41  : Babou jumpin on the chopper just as it ascends…

IX: The Farm

Streaks slow down and world sets around you,
Vortex whirl and we set down to
Cyclone winds and birds that spin,
Little red house with a roof of tin.

We out in Kansas and the wheat all around,
Pickup trucks and tractor sounds,
Plane overhead and cows in the horizon,
Man on the porch with a beer surmising,

When the frost break and when the sun goes brown,
He looks pretty shocked when we set right down
Smack in the middle of his front yard,
Blades turning engines burning his grass now charred.

Northwest Territory squares of property,
This guy starting to get his shotty—he
Don’t like these people looking like they from outer space,
Look at the dash it’s July of 1828.

Looks at Babou and looks at our crew—
This sucker obviously hates us but he’s enchanted by you,
Flutter your eyelashes and give him some shoulder,
Dude look like he couldn’t be colder.

I see what he’s thinking as soon as we get down,
Inspect the time machine for damage at the front crown,
But we’ve only waved hello before the fire starts to pound,
Shotgun shells coming at us and I get you on the ground.

Pull out my Glock when he reloads his shotty,
Trying to kill me and Jay to get at your body,
I yell, “Yo, Farmer Joe, put that shotgun away.
We won’t hurt you and we just here to hang a day.”
Then I draw and I sling two slugs at him,
Knock his gun back while just nicking his chin,
Unarmed and helpless, he is praying at us
But underneath his breath I hear him cuss.

We tie up the belligerent and petulant drunk,
Leave him inside like a little punk,
Take a walk around the countryside,
One hand on your back, in the other a pie.
Find a nice clearing and put Babou on a leash,
Set down a blanket and and have us some peace…

VIII: The Clearing

See the mob is coming for us to take you out,
Around I look and see that Jay is not about,
At you lunges the nearest manatee fast and stout,
Gotta get you out of here before they gather clout.

Grab your hand and run and we are blocked from the door.
These women won’t let you leave without evening the score,
To them you just made their charms disappear,
Your élan makes their rotund bodies compare so queer.

Quick! To the window—it’s the only way outside,
Fire some rounds with my Glock and across the room we will slide,
My shoulder through the window and I rip open wood,
You prance through the hole and we’re on a walk through the hood.

Nothing around except the sound of the hounds,
They are hunting our scent and gaining some ground,
I say, “Where the hell is Jay when I need him most?
Without that stupid chopper we are clearly toast.”

Not taking the transporter is a rookie mistake,
Remind me I have to hire a boy like Q for God’s sake.
I take aim with my Glock and have to unload a slug,
Instead of horror you smile, then you let out the glug.

Marie is stopped short,
She has no retort,
She is terrified and so is the core of her court.
At our last resort,
It was you with the key,
Scare the bejeesus out of her while terrifying me.

Just then we hear it,
We are clearly near it,
Babou is marking all these trees and also the clearin.
Jay is there too, helicopter is just off the pier and
We make a run for it and catch them at takeoff,
Boxy eared asshole has marked his little face off.

We go up in the clearing and hover a minute,
Pick another time and then I say, “Yo Jay, hit it!”
Same blue light but this time your skin is rosy,
Settle into your seat and make yourself cozy…

VII: The Fete

When you see the screen your eyes go wide with surprise,
Joy up in your face is something you can’t disguise.
Then I realise you lookin at my next gen iPad,
Better screen and faster chip that you wish you had.

Hit the button and we cuttin through the time space,
Tumblin through the lights is blue, just like your face,
Go on girl, it be aight we just takin a trip,
Round the curvature of time as smooth as yo hip.

Dial the date in we gone back to fetes at Versailles,
See Marie and l’esprit come and go and subside,
Baudelaire and ladies and their pantomime tales,
Powdered women sprawling dresses but hygiene doth fail.

Jay put us down we go inside we lookin on,
Party goin full steam but they play some lame song,
Man the French smell bad no wonder they made those scents,
Fete is stopped and they look at us whole room is tense.

You clap you hands and make a beat, let out a tone,
Rhythm that is buildin and you making a loan,
Your tunes come through the fabric of our time and thus space,
Bewilder they old minds and their world is displaced.

The look up in they eyes as they shed their prim ways,
Primal instincts ragin no more courante these days,
Liberation from the binds of oppressive feelin,
You with your hot moves flyin wheelin and dealin.

Floatin among men they never seen one like you,
Other women give you glares—they think the same too,
All them fatties lookin like they bout to get gout,
You so toned, I see the trouble—we need to get out…

VI: The Getaway

Come down in the chopper and he throw us a line,
Jay be droppin that rope ladder in the nick of time,
Mountain lion hurlin at us with a speeding fine
Put my arm around yo waist and it feel divine,
It’s lift-off time,
We Jane and Tarzan mime,
As we get away the line doth sway and up we climb.

He growlin now, look up at us from the beach,
Kitty look real pissed off cuz we just got outta reach,
Your eyes look in the light like two fiery suns,
You slap me when my hand lightly grazes your bum,
Girl, you need to chill—I’m just helpin you climb!
Get into the cockpit lined in leather sublime,
Look! I smiled and said that it’s a bird in a bird,
Hit me harder this time and you tell me that that is absurd.
It’s an old school word,
Used only by nerds,
Then you turn, smile over shoulder like Amber Heard.

We risin and surprisin and liltin an tiltin,
Birds is flyin birds is dyin I say Jay, bro, gotta get higher,
They be hittin on the windshield cuz we way too low,
Jay my boy never went to chopper school yo.

Just when you thought we were gonna fin’ly have peace,
You find the paper that say our chopper is def not leased.
“U.S. government sold this bird for transport, right?”
“Nope, this a Killer Egg for S.F. fights!”
“What??” “That’s right. Stole in dead of night.
Nobody ever catch us cuz my camo so tight.”
“Why’d you steal it??? This is definitely not ok!”
“Girl, I show you—what’s your memory’s favourite day?”

This a special chopper with some new untested tech,
Experimental hardware that command my respect.
You don’t know it yet but I got a magic ride,
Flip a cover show you elaborate control inside…

V: The Landing

Legs over the side your bikini on,
face is fresh and sleep is gone,
you keep the party going true,
they follow you,
your locks is dew,
up through the salt and into the sand,
cut a path up to the land,
throw some logs into the pit,
get some marshmallows on a stick.

Fire going strong and it’s gettin hot,
your hips are beginnin to sway a lot,
we over here dancin in the light,
cuz this party’s got some kick and bite.
You come over, tell me that you’re glad
you left that place when you was so mad
but the look in your eye says you a lil bit bad
and make me wanna be your Galahad.

Tell me you wet and getting a lil colder
so I put keep you warm there with my shoulder,
but girl shouldn’t get too close to you,
lose control and—shit! Babou!
My ocelot’s loose and it’s sprayin here
and it’s marking its territory and givin jeers.
Jay tries to catch him but ends on his rear
and everybody run away in fear.

But it ain’t the cat that got them cryin,
it’s the appearance of a hungry mountain lion,
top of the hill, so musclebound,
it be lookin at us like his dinner found.
I can’t shoot it—too far and no scope,
I grab your hand, see our only hope,
tell you, “Babe, you better leave that champers here,
cuz we gotta do a quick lil disappear.”

Cat is locked on, eyeing us delicious,
looking at you girl—damn!—your abs are vicious.
I gotta get my focus back in time
to grab your hand and break for the tree line.
Quick sprint but that kitty gonna get there,
you lookin at me like you finally are scared.
Just in time I grin and I say,
“Girl, you best hold on cuz here comes Jay.”